How to find safe bets?

safe bets

Open all betting sites in different windows and compare the odds offered for the same sporting event.

Use programs or websites specifically designed to identify safe bets.

There are different ways to find safe bets. You can either do the hard work and look for the required odds on the different betting websites or use programs and websites that help you identify them. These services can be free or not, and the quality tends to vary considerably.

We recommend that you think twice before buying one of these services as they tend to be expensive and require you to invest heavily in your bets. Furthermore, the profit with safe betting is small. You usually make 5% of the initial investment.

What are safe bets?


Safe bets are part of the arbitrage system, which comes from the financial market. You may recognise it from Forex trading, which takes advantage of exchange rates and allows you to take advantage of the imbalance between two or more markets.

But how can this system work with betting? When you find odds with a margin that benefits different outcomes, you have a safe bet. It sounds easy, but finding these odds requires very thorough research.

Explaining how this system works can be a little tricky. We want our site to make sense to both novice and professional punters, so we’ve decided to give simple examples.

Fortunately, the arbitrary betting system is a little easier to understand than its financial equivalent.

About Safe Betting

Safe bets take advantage of the difference between odds on betting sites. Basically, you bet on divergent outcomes when you find odds that allow you to profit regardless of the outcome of the match.

Almost all betting websites offer similar odds, as they usually copy them from the Asian market. Therefore, you need to dedicate a lot of time and have a good mathematical understanding to be able to profit from this system.

This form of betting was once the exclusive preserve of experts and dedicated punters, but today there are many websites and computer programs that can help you find safe bets.

Betting Sites For Safe Betting

online bet

Only Asian market betting sites usually allow safe betting with no limits for the punter. However, finding safe betting opportunities on the Asian market is very difficult as the odds offered are very similar. To bet using the arbitrary system, you must research and dedicate yourself a lot.

Types Of Safe Bets

Safe bets, safe odds and arbitrary bets. These terms mean the same thing, finding odds on different markets to make a profit regardless of the outcome of the match.

A typical safe bet requires you to bet on both teams to win the match.

That said, there are several factors you should be aware of when looking for a safe bet.

No European betting sites, for example, allow safe bets. Here is an example of how a betting site should explain the prohibition of safe bets in their terms and conditions:

“We declare that a bet or investment is completely or partially invalid (and/or account closure) if we believe that safe bets have been placed”

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